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Disintegrating GothsTM
A trivia game from DJ Kaerie and Housed Forever

1) NME review (1981): "In the face of outmoded criteria like originality, having something to say, etc., this band are a joke; so old-hat Iggy-bound they shouldn't exist. Teen mags will lap up his muscular suntan and false aggression despite the patent unlistenability of just about everything they've ever recorded." Name the band. Answer

2) Who does Robert Smith credit as a major force in the change in sound between Three Imaginary Boys and Seventeen Seconds? Answer

3) Specimen's first gig (1981) was at a street party celebrating what event? Answer

4) Who said "When I was 8 I tried to commit suicide, to get noticed by my parents."? Answer

5) What is the first The Cure album to not include Lol? Answer

6) For and during the "Floodland" era, how many gigs did Sisters of Mercy perform? Answer

7) Which band has a song called "Ignore The Machine"? Answer

8) On Floodland, Eldritch gets production help and contribution by Jim Steinman on a couple songs, including "This Corrosion". What other non-goth song is Jim Steinman known for? Answer

9) Tones on Tail features two members of what band, and who is the third member? Answer

10) Who graces the cover of The Damned's "Phantasmagoria"? Answer

11) Who where the members of the group The Glove? Answer

12) Original Cure founder Michael Dempsey did not make his MTV debut in a Cure video. Which video did he debut in? Answer

13) In searching for worst goth bands, four bands have come up. Name one? (For the record, I do not agree). Answer

14) Who said "Black is the most practical colour, you don't have to wash it till you smell." Answer

15) What year was the term "gothic rock" first used? Answer

16) Who said "I never actually liked goth bands. I've always despised The Sisters of Mercy, because the music is shit." Answer

17) "There was one great heavy metal band (The Stooges). There are only two bands around that can touch them: Motorhead and The Birthday Party. We're not as good as Motorhead but we're better than The Birthday Party. That makes us pretty damn good." Who said that? Answer

18) Name the leader of a UK Synth-pop, Darkwave band (as defined in the 80s) who has African-American roots? Answer


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